Requirements & Eligibility

Certificate Requirements

To fulfill the requirements for the Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities (GCP/DH) students must complete at least three courses (9 semester hours) in digital humanities and a faculty supervised field experience (1 semester hour). Courses will be drawn from those approved for GCP/DH credit by the Digital Humanities Curriculum Advisory Committee of the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative (CDHI) Faculty Steering Committee. Students will be encouraged to supplement these courses with offerings from a corresponding list of approved DH graduate courses at Duke University and North Carolina State University, though at least one course for the certificate must be completed at UNC.

To be pursue to the GCP/DH an applicant must:

  • Meet with the Faculty Director of the GCP/DH to discuss eligibility and plan of study.*
  • Submit the Intent to Pursue GCP/DH form.
  • The Faculty Director of the GCP/DH will approve the plan of study in consultation with the CDHI Curriculum Committee.
  • Non-degree seeking students, after receiving approval of the plan of study, will need to apply separately to the William and Ida Friday Center in order to register for classes following application procedures for Part-time Classroom Studies. Details about admission to the Friday Center are available here.

To complete the GCP/DH a graduate student must:

  • Complete three courses drawn from the list of those approved for GCP/DH credit. **
  • Complete at least one credit hour of a field experience under faculty supervision. For this, students enroll in AMST 795: Digital Humanities Field Experience. (Form available here.)
  • Note for degree-seeking students: Only 40% of the credit hours applied to the GCP/DH can also be applied to the student’s degree program (MA/PhD).

* The plan of study will provide a rationale relating the certificate program to the student’s degree curriculum and professional aspirations; a list of any courses already taken and any current or future courses intended to fulfill the certificate requirements; and a discussion of plans and goals for the field experience.

** The Faculty Director of the GCP/DH will maintain a list of potential courses and evaluate courses for eligibility in consultation with the CDHI Curriculum Committee


The GCP/DH is open to UNC-CH graduate students across all departments in the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as students in the professional schools (e.g., schools of Journalism, Education, Information and Library Science, Public Health). The program is also open to non-degree-seeking students, including independent scholars, faculty (and staff) at UNC campuses, post-docs, K-12 teachers and curriculum specialists, and professionals working in cultural heritage organizations, who may enroll in digital humanities courses through the Friday Center for Continuing Education.


For further information on the Graduate Certificate Program in the Digital Humanities, please contact Dan Anderson, Faculty Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities and Curriculum Coordinator for the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative.