DIL/IAH Faculty Fellowship Program


The Digital Innovation Lab (DIL)/Institute for Arts and Humanities (IAH) Faculty Fellowship program is designed to identify and encourage UNC faculty who are interested in:

  • developing digital approaches as a significant dimension of their academic practice in the humanities;
  • putting into practice digital methods related to the arts and performance;
  • exploring how data and data studies are transforming intellectual work in the arts and humanities;
  • pursuing an interdisciplinary, collaborative digital humanities project arising from their research, pedagogy, or engaged scholarship that is likely to be of interest to users beyond the academy and which raises larger social, historical, literary, or artistic issues;
  • applying what they have learned as DIL/IAH Fellows to their graduate and/or undergraduate teaching and mentoring;
  • and reflecting upon and discussing with colleagues the implications of digital humanities for their own academic practice.

The DIL/IAH Faculty Fellowship experience is organized around a fellow-initiated idea, which must be developed, planned, implemented, and launched as a digital humanities project by the end of the fellowship year. Fellows serve overlapping terms in the Digital Innovation Lab and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities. In support of their projects, DIL/IAH Faculty Fellows receive a release from regular teaching obligations in the fall semester of their fellowship year; up to $15,000 in project funds from the IAH to cover project costs and professional development activities during their fellowship year; and in-kind project management and technical development time from DIL staff, estimated at 5 hours per week from project manager for the full year and 5 hours per week from technical developer for approximately eight months.

Two fellowships will be awarded each year from 2013 to 2016. Learn more about the previously selected fellows here and here (2013, 2014, 2015).