Prospect Workshop Series


The Digital Innovation Lab and CDHI will host Prospect workshops on August 8th, 9th and 12th from 10am-noon (break for lunch), then 1pm to 4pm in the Digital Innovation Lab (Greenlaw 431). These workshops are open to anyone interested in using Prospect, the data visualization platform developed in the Digital Innovation Lab.

Prospect is a plugin for WordPress that enables users to collect and curate data and then enable the wider public to visualize and access that data. The graphical representation of data – whether it be geographical information shown on maps, temporal data shown on timelines, family relationships shown on trees, etc. – can facilitate end-users in comprehending it quickly and analyzing it in domain-specific ways.

The workshops are designed to be taken either as a 3-day boot camp or as a singular refresher course. You may attend all three or any of the days below:

Day 1 (Monday): Introduction to Metadata and Data Schema
An introduction for complete beginners

Day 2 (Tuesday): Introduction to Prospect
What is Prospect? What features and affordances does it offer for DH work?
On this day we will be walking through the configuration of a sample data set.

Day 3 (Friday): Getting your project into Prospect
Bring data from your own project to the workshop and configure Prospect to get it working

Please bring your laptop. All participants must have their own ONYEN to participate. If you wish to attend the workshop and do not have an ONYEN, please contact Michael Newton at

Please register via the form below. If you have questions, you may contact Michael Newton at or Malina Chavez at

For information on particular events, see our calendar!

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