Gabriela Valdivia selected as DIL/IAH Faculty Fellow

The Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative, the Digital Innovation Lab, and the Institute for the Arts and Humanities are pleased to announce the 2015 recipient of the DIL/IAH Faculty Fellowship in Digital Humanities: Gabriela Valdivia, Professor of Geology.

Part of the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative, the DIL/IAH Faculty Fellowship allows outstanding faculty at all ranks to explore the possibilities of digital humanities for extending their research, teaching, and engagement with audiences beyond the university. The fellowship encourages research at the intersection of traditional and engaged scholarship, the effective use of digital technologies in research and teaching, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

gabyValdivia will work with the Digital Innovation Lab to create and launch her own digital humanities project by December 2015. The fellowship provides $15,000 in project funds, as well as a course release in the fall semester, and in-kind project management and technical development support from the Digital Innovation Lab.

Gabriela Valdivia examines the political dimensions of natural resource governance in Latin America: how Latin American states, firms, and civil society appropriate and transform resources to meet their interests, and how capturing and putting resources to work transforms cultural and ecological communities. Using ethnographic and archival methods, her research has focused on resource governance in Ecuador and Bolivia, where state-led development, economic neoliberalization, and social movements fuel intense conflicts. She emphasizes environmental histories, power relations, and the co-production of humans and nonhumans to recognize that struggles over resources are simultaneously struggles over political life. At UNC, she has developed three main areas of research: (1) political ecology of oil in Ecuador, (2) agrarian transitions in Bolivia and (3) conservation and development in the Galápagos Islands.

Follow Gabriela’s work, Crude entanglements: Living with oil in Ecuador on her project website.

English and Comp Literature